Coach C. Chandler



Outdoor Education


Philosophy: Through interaction with the natural world, Outdoor Education aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, others and ourselves. This curriculum focuses on outdoor activities such as Hunting, Boating, Archery, Fishing, Wilderness Survival, and First Aid/CPR. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills, physical activity skills, and an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature.


Health and Physical Education


Lifelong wellness is achieved through effective promotion of improved fitness in areas such as cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength by fostering an enjoyment in a wide range of activities including but not limited to Fitnessgram testing, volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, socci, crab soccer, ultimate games, aerobic walking, etc.  Knowledge to effectively make decisions for prolonged health in areas of interest such as drugs, nutrition, fitness, and disease prevention, CPR and First Aid, among others as needed.